First Date Tips

First dates.  My immediate reaction upon reading those words:  stomach drops, chest tightens, nerves hit me, there is so much that could go wrong!  My second reaction: stomach drop turns to fun butterflies, I take a breath and the nerves turn to excitement, there is SO that could go right!

I know what you are thinking, "No Chrissy, first dates are always scary and you're from another planet if you think it's a piece of cake." Okay, maybe you didn't think that exactly, but I bet I wasn't too far off, maybe you prefer red velvet cake to my bread, but I am telling you that it doesn't have to be scary,  promise.              

First date jitters come from putting too much pressure on yourself and your expectations of the date.  Remember, you aren't going in for a life saving surgery or to take an exam, it doesn't have to turn out perfectly to be "successful" or for you to have a blast.

Here are some tips to help you get ready:

  1. Smile.  - You are going on a date - that's something to be excited for, you're getting to know someone new and whatever happens, it's a new story for the memory books!
  2. Think fun. - If you can help it, try to plan an activity for a first date, it's easier to break the ice and relax around someone when you are having fun.  Not that an hour long dinner in a  restaurant with nothing to do but talk isn't "fun",  I just think putt putt, frisbee in the park, arcades or horseback riding (I couldn't help myself) sound like much more enjoyable first date options.
  3. No pressure. - It's not a presidential address, take a deep breath and relax.  You deserve to enjoy yourself.  Put on your favorite outfit and remember what makes you great.  You are adventurous, interesting, lively and fun.  You want to share that with your date.
  4. Laugh. - Silly things are bound to happen: tripping up the steps, getting lettuce in your teeth, accidentally talking about the fabric of life when telling a story about yourself as if you sew (yes all have happened to me and I think my fabric is polyester).  Laugh when they do! Make light of it and don't take yourself too seriously, you are much more attractive that way.  If your date disagrees, then hopefully that's your last date because uptight people like that are missing some good laughs in their lives.
  5. Be curious and open. - You are unique and have many special qualities that make you you.  Share them with your date!  Learn about theirs and enjoy the process of getting to know them.  Think of some interesting questions the two of you can ponder and talk about on the date in case you don't know what to say. (ex. Why are zebras black and white? What's your favorite place you've visited and why? If you could time travel, what period would you go to and why?)

Hopefully these tips help you when getting ready for your first date and keep the jitters where the belong: in the recycle bin with lid on tight so they don't follow you on your awesome adventure.  Tell me in the comments what you think and any first date tips you would like to add.  I'm excited to start blogging and sharing more with you all. Big kiss. Big hug. Big love!


P.S. Much thanks to my friend who shall remain anonymous for sharing her first date nerves with us and inspiring me to write this post <3


Posted on March 6, 2015 and filed under Blog.